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20 June 2010 @ 12:23 pm
because james is just so pretty: a multimedia spam of epic proportions, part two.  
Picking up where we left off…

10. The one where we find out that Schmidt and Henderson are just as kinky in the bedroom as Knight and Mitchell, or, the one where Katelyn is just as onto the boys as Jo is.

So, remember when it was just kind of a fandom inside joke that Kendall and Logan were incredibly kinky in the bedroom? Remember how, then, both show and RL canon keep backing that statement up as fact? Good times, really.

Logan: What's going on? We're gonna see Kendall do the caveman dance, the caveman dance, go on, do the caveman dance. Move your feet, move your feet, move your feet, move your feet. Hey, do the caveman dance! What? Do the caveman dance!
Kendall: We're gonna turn it back on Logan as soon as he gets dressed. This is what he looks like now, this is before – and after!
Logan: Caveman style.
Kendall: What's the caveman dance?
Kendall: Oh, hey, look. Now I go from caveman to nurse.
Logan: Well, hello, male nurse. Totally, totally… awesome. Isn't that right.
Katelyn: Hey!
Logan: It's Katelyn! She's on our show, she plays Jo. The most beautiful girl in the world!

Why it's epic: Kendall and Logan being adorable together in general makes me ridiculously happy, but the way that Kendall smirks at Logan when he turns the camera on him and the look that he gives him when he shows off his nurse costume is only surpassed by the obvious intrigue in Logan's voice when he responds with, of all the things he could have possibly responded with – "why, hello, male nurse." Logan, sweetheart. We know that the thought of Kendall dressed up like a male nurse is intriguing to you, but sounding ridiculously turned on when you're shooting a behind the scenes segment for Nickelodeon probably isn't the best idea. And then he continues on with "totally, totally…" but instead of finishing his sentence with "hot" or "sexy" or "intriguing" like his brain was finishing for him, Katelyn walks up at just that moment with a "boys, do I really want to know what's going on here?" look if I've ever seen one. It's been head canon for me ever since this video that Katelyn is absolutely onto Kendall and Logan and Kendall is equally onto Katelyn and Erin much in the way that Jo is totally onto Kendall's sparkles in the show.

watch the video here

9. A story for the grandkids if I've ever heard one, yes?

The group of Popstar interviews that I've come to refer to collectively as the "couch interviews" are some of my very favorite interviews that the boys have ever given, for a number of reasons. James is, as usual, wearing more makeup than I've ever seen any boy wear (I'm pretty sure he might be wearing eyeshadow to match his jacket, you guys), and Carlos is darling and holding a puppy, but these interviews? Are all about Kendall and Logan.

Kendall: I found out about the show with them, and, you know, it was really exciting – I was kind of overwhelmed at the time, I thought I was going to have a night to go home and sleep and think about it –
Logan: Me and Kendall knew each other before the show, and so it was cool to be able to –
Kendall: As soon as I saw him walk in, I was like, ah.
Logan: Thank goodness.
Kendall: I mean, these guys are like my brothers now, but to know somebody when you're going into something unknown, it really helps out with the process, and it might have even contributed to me being more comfortable, comfortable enough to get the job.

Why it's epic: Because of the way that Kendall and Logan's eyes are continually drawn to each other like magnets throughout the entire series of interviews. Because of the way that Logan can't stop staring at Kendall like he's the most beautiful thing he's ever seen and licking his lips in the process (no, really, does Logan have any idea how much he does this on camera? Because someone on his PR team really needs to tell him that it's not a good idea to blatantly lick his lips while staring a hole through Kendall's body). Because of the way that Kendall and Logan just have to yet again tell the story of how they knew each other before the show. (We've never heard the story of how they knew each other, although I'm pretty sure I've figured out that the connection is Selena Gomez. Kendall's brother, Kevin, was in Princess Protection Program with Selena and Demi Lovato – along with Nicholas Braun and Samantha Droke, who would go on to become his Poor Paul castmates – and there are candid pictures around that prove that Kendall and Kevin are still fairly close with Selena, while we all also know that Logan is good friends with Selena and Demi from their days back in Texas. My guess is that the mutual friendship led them to sort of vaguely know each other within their greater circle of friends before being cast.) But it's not just that they have to tell the press that they knew each other – Kendall has to ramble on about how having Logan at his audition made him more comfortable. So comfortable he possibly attributes getting the job to that very fact. (Also, let's take note here of Kendall's sparkliness levels. Yes, there are some questionable hand gestures from time to time, but for the most part, Kendall looks like a dirty hipster boy in a trucker hat who just so happens to have fallen for a certain dark-haired Texas boy. Let's compare this to, just months later, the boy who has become pretty much become a stereotypical out boy. It's an amazing transformation, really.)

8. Logan's dream girl, apparently? Is a Schmidt boy. According to Kendall, at least.

This interview is epic for a handful of reasons, among them being the fact that we learned the boys' epic original character names (did you guys know that if you look "Konas" up on Urban Dictionary, you get a, um, slang term for a not-so-straight sexual act? And that this entry was put up years ago, so it can't possibly be any of us joking around and poking fun at this interview? Five bucks says someone on the creative team was totally in on that joke…), but by far the most epic moment comes right at the start with the response to the very first question.

Interviewer: Logan, what does your dream girl look like?
Kendall: Don't say me again, Logan!

Why it's epic: Honestly, what on earth even possessed Kendall to give an answer like this? Really, sweetheart? I mean, we all know that you are Logan's dream girl and all, but I can't even imagine what in the world made Kendall think it was a good idea to both call Logan out in this way and shamelessly flirt with him for no reason at all in an interview. Oh, these boys.

read the full article here

7. The one wherein Kendall wants to date Carlos and James and Logan really cannot deal, or, anyone trying to steal Logan's boyfriend makes him cry a little. And not just on the inside.

Carlos: I like the, uh, I mean, amazing weather in California in the summer, so I just got a Jeep that has no top, so I think, you know, driving down the PCH, you know, just driving down –
Kendall: Can I go on a date with you? That sounds awesome!
James: Anyways. Logan! Why don't you go?
Logan: Okay, I'll go now. Um. I would probably – I don't know. That's a great idea, honestly. I would love to go the beach somewhere. I know Malibu has some really cool spots that I know about that are kind of secretive, except not really.
James: Wow, that's so awesome and ordinary.
Logan: I… need to go.
James: I would love to charter a private jet, right? Take my date to somewhere across the world, and go snowboarding where they have snow. Okay?
Kendall: He's gonna get a date first.

Why it's epic: Well, to start off with, Kendall wants to go out on a date with Carlos. That on its own would be epic enough to merit including this video in the spam, but it's only the beginning of everything here. What's most epic is not what Kendall says, but how Logan and James react. The tension in the room immediately becomes almost suffocating and stays that way for the entire rest of the interview, and Logan? Logan is not exactly good at hiding his emotions, it seems, because after that point in the interview, Logan's face is beet red and Logan's voice is shaking and he even has to get up and excuse himself from the interview for a moment, which makes no sense unless he was, you know, less than thrilled with Kendall asking Carlos if he could go on a date with him. James, on the other hand, puts on his famous bitchface, and proceeds to ramble in an over the top and slightly agitated way about his ideal date. (Did you guys know that Carlos loves snowboarding? That that's how he's spending this very week, even? *nods* Interesting, James.) I really have no other explanation for Logan and James' behavior in the second half of this interview if it's prompted by something other than their extreme displeasure at the idea of Kendall and Carlos going out on a date. Carlos seems to realize this, while Kendall, on the other hand, giggles like a schoolgirl and thinks flirting with Carlos on camera is the most fun idea anyone's ever come up with. Approve of boyfriend sharing more, why don't you, Kendall?

6. You know you're obvious when your best friend who's got an unrequited-love-for-you thing going on has to immediately emo tweet upon seeing this video.

Kendall: Hey, what's up, everybody? Kendall here, and we've got a couple hours break on the set of Big Time Rush, and I have a friend who wants to sing a little ditty.
Logan: What's going on, guys? Logan here, and um, we are going to sing John Mayer's Edge of Desire for you, because I know that it's a really inspirational song.
Kendall: What's up, Carlos?
Carlos: 'Sup? Yeah, Kendall, I brought you a Jamba Juice.
Logan: You're going to bring Kendall a Jamba Juice and not bring me a Jamba Juice. Is that what's going on right here? Go sit down.

Why it's epic: Because Kendall and Logan's voices together in harmony sound like perfection. Because Logan thinks this song is inspirational. Have we listened to the lyrics of this song that Logan finds inspirational? "Don't say a word just come over and lie here with me / 'Cause I'm just about to set fire to everything I see / I want you so bad, I'll go back on the things I believed / There I just said it, I'm scared you'll forget about me." Yes. Logan thought that was an inspirational song for them to sing together. And then there are the little looks that Logan keeps sneaking back at Kendall throughout the entire song, and the smiles they exchange over Carlos being ridiculous in the background, and, oh, yeah. There's also the fact that within two hours of this video being posted, Dustin emo!tweeted this:

Which, I'm sure, had nothing at all to do with the fact that he and Kendall used to make this exact same sort of video together, and nothing at all to do with the fact that he's spent the past half a year or so being an angsty emo boy at watching Kendall and Logan get closer and closer and seeing the spark between them. Nope. Not at all.

5. Teenage boys grinding together is totally appropriate for tween television. No, really, it is.

We've all flailed to death about every moment of the Halfway There music video, which is quite possibly the most epic music video in the history of music videos, but out of all the epic moments in the video, this moment has to, by far, be the most epic of all.

Why it's epic: Do I even need to say why? Just look at the caps. Just watch the video. Kendall. And James. And grinding. Together. On screen. In a music video aimed at preteens and aired on Nickelodeon except for the part where Nick totally realizes it's inappropriate and doesn't air this part, but Teennick does, because Teennick is amazing that way.

4. This is the point in the picspam where I resist the urge to make jokes about James getting lucky after knocking on Carlos' leg.

Interviewer: You have not only an album coming out, so you guys are a band, and you also have a show, so it's a little bit different.
James: Yeah, actually, so, we've been pushing the show mostly. We really wanted to establish a good show, and you know, knock on Carlos' leg, we have established a good show. Now, we're becoming a band in the show, but in real life, we're actually recording our album, we're releasing a few songs at a time, and pretty soon we're gonna start really pushing for some radio songs. We're recording a few right now that I think may end up being hits, and we're hoping for that.
Interviewer (to Carlos): So you're the lucky one, right? We've gotta knock on your leg?
Carlos: I – I guess?
Interviewer: What about him?
Kendall: Knock on his head!
James: You're messing with my boy!
Carlos: It's alright. I take it.
Kendall: Burn!

Interviewer: One more random one. Late night snack. What is your favorite late night snack?
Logan: I'm a fan of chocolate chip cookies. I gotta get those chocolate chip cookies!
Kendall: My favorite? I end up having to cook, like, a really hearty meal at eleven o'clock at night.
Logan: He's a big cook, this one.

Why it's epic: I'm fairly certain I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this video. Carlos and James are so obvious that I don't know what to do with myself, seriously, and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing. The way that James nonchalantly drops in "knock on Carlos' leg" like it's a normal part of the vocabulary of English idioms is mind-boggling – really, James? Really? And the reaction is incredible. It would be one thing if this were clearly some sort of inside joke among the boys, but the interviewer and Kendall and Logan both seem to have no real idea at all of what James is talking about. Then, as is par for the course, apparently, Kendall teases Carlos about all of this in a way that's clearly flirty good-natured and friendly and James completely overreacts, throwing on his famous bitchface, grabbing onto Carlos' shoulders, and telling Kendall not to mess with his boy. His. Boy. Carlos is his boy. Carlos seems a little surprised by this for all of three seconds before nonchalantly and sneakily putting an arm behind James' shoulders on his seat. I can't handle them. At all. And, not to be outdone, Kendall and Logan have an adorable moment at the end of the interview as well, when Kendall's talking about how "late night snack" means "cooking a hearty health-conscious and prepared with ingredients from Whole Foods, because saving the world one Big Mac at a time is his Very Important Mission meal" and Logan chimes in to tell everyone that of course he knows what a big cook Kendall is. (From those healthy meals that Kendall cooks for Logan all the time, obviously. Because Logan's really a fan of tofu burgers with soy cheese. No, really, he is. He swears. Can't you tell from his forced smile and the way he's trying not to feel a little nauseous thinking about the last meal that Kendall cooked for him?)

3. It's the K and L thing.

The Bonnie Hunt interview was a veritable goldmine of amazing moments for our boys. Right from the moment that they slid down the pole in the sparkliest of fashions possible, I'm pretty sure we all knew we were in for something epic here.

Carlos: These two get mixed up all the time, though.
Kendall: Even on set.
Bonnie: James and Logan?
Kendall: No, me and Logan.
Bonnie: Really?
Kendall: I think it's because of the K and L thing, you know? It's like, right next to each other in the alphabet.

Bonnie: So do you guys ever do any pranks on the set?
Logan: Oh, yeah.
Bonnie: What? Like, give us an example. Come on, Carlos.
Carlos: Well, it's kind of like – I have a lot of energy, so it keeps me entertained.

Carlos: I'm the Broadway buff, so I want to go to Broadway. I studied musical theater, and then, now I'm here, so I'm just going with the work, going with the flow.
Kendall: He likes Rent.
Carlos: Oh, no.
Bonnie: That's a good play!
Carlos: That's all they know! So every time I talk about musical theater, they're like, oh, Rent. Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred…
Kendall: I pulled up and he was listening to The Sound of Music yesterday.
Bonnie: That's great music!
Carlos: They won't drive with me, though!
Kendall: I'm just saying, it's not driving music.

Why it's epic: Where to even begin with this one, oh my. There's the way the boys slide down the aforementioned pole – Kendall blowing a sparkly kiss first, Logan seeming a little apprehensive, Carlos being adorable and full of energy as usual, and James, um, seeming a little too comfortable and familiar with the action. Just saying. There's the way that Logan's eyes do not leave Kendall at all for pretty much the entire interview. I'm not sure I've ever seen Logan stare harder at Kendall – stares complete with lip-licking and once-overs – than he does in this interview. There's Kendall's amazing smirk when Carlos talks about his energy and things that keep him entertained. There's the obligatory teasing Carlos about Rent, which prompts the least straight answer I've ever heard a boy give in Kendall's sparkly, hand-gesture-accompanied "I'm just saying, it's not driving music." But where this interview really gets epic is when the talk about Kendall and Logan getting mixed up starts. I have no idea on earth why Carlos brought up the topic in the first place, unless, as they were talking about later in the interview, Kendall and Carlos were having a bit of a prank war, and "outing your best friends on national television" counts as a valid form of retaliation. And then Kendall's reaction is a thing of beauty. The K and L thing? Really, Kendall, sweetheart? Of all the answers you could have given, the one you chose was "the K and L thing"? Because K and L… sound so much alike? Because… you two look and act so much alike that I'm sure this is a problem to begin with? (moonspoken pointed out to me, in discussing this with her while I was making the spam, that J and K are also next to each other in the alphabet. Funny how apparently James and Kendall get mixed up on set all the time too, isn't it? Kendall, sweetie, your logic doesn't even hold up in the situation, let alone make any logical sense at all.) Logan's reaction the entire time Kendall's rambling his illogical answer is somewhere between "dying of embarrassment" and "I'm going to kill Carlos the minute we get backstage," and then, if all that weren't enough, Carlos' reaction seals the deal. He gives a headshake that can only be described as "…nah, silly, it's because you're boyfriends," before proceeding to spend a good five or ten seconds thinking this is all the funniest thing he's ever seen in his life. Oh, Carlos. It's one thing to out yourself and James in interviews every three seconds, but letting Kendall and Logan do it in their own time might be a good idea from now on?

2. Paging Dr. Freud? There's a case here you'll want to make a note of.

The most epic of all epic print interviews up to date, by far, has been the boys' "Seventeen Things" interview with Seventeen Magazine. There's more than a dozen amazing quotable moments throughout the interview, from Logan's closet love of Titanic to James' ridiculous justification of his impulse buys at H&M to Kendall's Very Important Mission to Save The World One Big Mac at a Time, but far and away, I'm pretty sure this is the moment we all remember this interview for.

Seventeen: What did you dream about last night?
Carlos: James took me for a helicopter ride, and then we bungee jumped into a volcano.

Why it's epic: This is perhaps the most symbolic dream I've ever heard in my life, rivaled only by Dustin's famous "attacking zombie Kendall and Logan with guitars" dream. First of all, Carlos dreams about James. Second of all, Carlos feels compelled to tell the press that he dreams about James. Carlos, sweetheart, do you even realize that every third word out of your mouth has something to do with James? He's like an oblivious middle schooler with his first real crush, who has no idea on earth how obvious he's being, and it's darling, really. And then there's the dream. Oh, the dream. Listen up, because this is what Carlos' subconscious tells him at night: Carlos dreams about James and him traveling to high places together – James taking him to high places – before the two of them make a plunge together into a burning pit of fire. There is nothing at all symbolic, homoerotic, or anything more than platonic about any of that. I swear. There's nothing at all in that that Freud would have had a veritable field day with if Carlos and James had lived during his day. And again, I stress that Carlos voluntarily told the press about this dream. I can't even. I'm still a little speechless. Who does PR for these boys, and more importantly, where can we send them a fruit basket or something for not even caring a little bit what they say to the press or how obvious it is?

read the full article here

1. What? It's the reason Carlos watches the show…

Interviewer: So, Carlos, what are three reasons why fans should watch this show?
Carlos: Two, we've got tons of fun guys. I mean, Logan is hilarious, James is just so pretty, and, uh, Kendall is, uh, Kendall, and he's always got something up his sleeve.

Why it's epic: Because James is just so pretty.

Because James is just so pretty.

Because James is Just. So. Pretty.

Ding ding, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. Can this become our sort of official fandom catchphrase or something? Can we have icons and macros and things that have this plastered all over it? Can we use this logic to explain things all the time? Because I'm pretty sure we all need to. Why is the sky blue? Because James is just so pretty. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because James is just so pretty. Why is this the greatest fandom that has ever been a fandom?

Because James is is Just. So. Pretty.

I rest my case.

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Bryn: kogansleighttrick on June 20th, 2010 05:02 pm (UTC)
This is amazing. I hadn't seen half this stuff yet, thanks so much for putting it all together!
xxinfinitenoise: BTW JARLOS happy momentxxinfinitenoise on June 20th, 2010 05:42 pm (UTC)
*Sniffles with happy tears*
This.. This has to be your finest pic-spam work yet.
It made me so happy.
As happy as Carlos is saying James it pretty.

I went to skim through that article where Kendall claims Logan wants him to be his ideal "girl" and I spotted this:
Kendall: I have been slapped so many times on the show.
Logan: In fact I think that's my favorite part of the show is watching Kendall get slapped.

How kinky is that?

And also, that Bonnie Hunt interview has to be one of my top favorites. Why? Because of these two moments:


I apologize for the long-ish comment but...
This really made me happy.
(And James is pretty. With his make-up. I bet Carlos finds it a turn on. Just saying.)
pinkpanther20: Epic Internet Shitpinkpanther20 on June 20th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
Katybeth--I want to marry you. This is fantastic. Logan wants to ride unicorns and Kendall wants to date Carlos and Carlos thinks that James is just so pretty, and James likes to grind with Kendall and I JUST LOVE THIS. IT HAS EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD ABOUT LIFE IN IT: sparkles and pretty boys and tweener programming that really isn't tweener programming!

riotguns on June 20th, 2010 06:21 pm (UTC)
Omg in the Bonnie interview, Logan stares straight at Kendall when he says "we're working the show."

Okay, I cannot get over how adorable Logan is.
wololooooo: btr ► carlos ; dino nugget warsmetonymia on June 20th, 2010 06:30 pm (UTC)
Because James is just so pretty.
This picspam was the best fucking thing ever. ♥ Oh man. Thank you loads. I love it.
i am the prophet chuck!ejected on June 20th, 2010 06:31 pm (UTC)
Um. I cannot believe I've lived this long without hearing Carlos call James "just so pretty."



THANK YOU JUST FOR THAT. ♥ The rest I've seen, but it never hurts to watch them over again. A couple times. You know.

(Anonymous) on June 20th, 2010 07:29 pm (UTC)
10. Um, Logan? Kendall? Save it for the bedroom, dears. Wow. "Why hello, male nurse." And that isn't sexual how exactly?

9. Logan. Staring at Kendall, licking his lips. Blatantly. Kendall. Accrediting him getting the part to knowing Logan and being comfortable with him there. James. Wearing more makeup than any boy ever. Carlos. Holding a puppy. YES.

8. Drake Parker would be so, SO proud of Kendall and his shameless flirting. Also: Konas and Donovan. KONAS. And. DONOVAN. It reminds me of this story I love where one of my parents wanted to name my sister Clancy (they were first time parents, they didn't know any better!) and my sister's best friend's dad wanted to name my sister's best friend Mulberry. So instead of having completely normal names like they do, they would have been Clancy and Mulberry. *shakes head*

7. Wow, Kendall, wow. Flirt with every boy ever, why don't you? Poor Logie, it makes him sadface. His voice is shaking, and he controls it for a second but then he HAS TO LEAVE. He looks upset, then HAS TO LEAVE FOR NO GOOD REASON. And when he comes back, he's all smiles! It's blatant that he had to take a moment to make himself look happy again, even if he was crying on the inside. Wow.

6. Carlos being ridiculous and adorable in the background? Check. Romantic, passionate love song duet? Check. Shy smiles and sneaky looks at each other through the whole thing? Check. Dustin emo tweeting? Check. My brain nearly melting from the beauty of their voices? Check checkity check check.

5. Grinding. Um. Kendall, you're a bit of a man-ho, aren't you? (I'm ashamed of myself. That's a horrible word for me to use. No, seriously, that's, like, the closest I ever come to swearing.)

4. What on Earth? Again I say: Kendall, you man-ho. Stop making Logie feel bad! And James and Carlos. Oh dear. Boys, be more obvious, really. Please. His boy. James' boy. Carlos is James' boy.

3. THIS. Carlos loves RENT and outs people on TV as a prank, Kendall and Logan are mistaken for each other because of their names being SO similar (of course), and James is familiar with poles. That is all.

2. Um, Carlos? Sweetie? That is extremely homoerotic. And your dreams about James? Kind of mean something, I think. I'm not one to say that every dream means something, every action is based on sexual desire, I'm no Freud, but WOW. WOW.

1. Why is BTR so amazing? Because James is just so pretty. Why is this picspam so amazing? Because James is just so pretty. Why do I love you guys so much, Katybeth? BECAUSE JAMES IS JUST SO PRETTY. OMG.

Thank you for putting up with me. I can't get over this. Because this? Is kind of one of the beat things ever. EVER.

(Anonymous) on June 21st, 2010 01:04 am (UTC)

Kendall, honey, you do not run like a straight boy. It is adorable. And the gay!BFF Good Luck Patrol? Priceless.

"I was lonely." Carlos, HONEY.

And it's probably just that 1. Your (wonderful) crazy has leaked all over my brain, and 2. All the D2 has leaked all over my brain, but I think I saw Devon. Not kidding. Like, right before the "embracing Jordan Sparks" things, when she's at the pool, but she starts to walk away, I think Devon is there, sitting in the background in a blue shirt. I dunno though.

I saw a commercial for the next episode, which I think is the season finale, actually. Have you seen it?? "Kendall, you're going solo!" "*Kendall resembles Dramatic Chipmunk*" Oh the DRAMA! I'm really worried, actually... Really worried...

Jakii: jarlosclick_panda on June 20th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
This is just all kinds of epic and my new answer for everything is "because James is just so pretty."

I put both entries in my memories to flail over again at a later date! n.n
nolookinbackx: Logan likes touching his boyfriendnolookinbackx on June 20th, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)
I just really don't know what to say about this other than it is AMAZING!!!!
How do these boys even exist? Do they not know what they do to me?
Natalie & Nicoletwins1729 on June 20th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
Thanks for this. I enjoyed it very much.

Don't have much to say except mentioning how obvious it all is. :)
disorient_me: Everybody Stop: I'm Prettydisorient_me on June 21st, 2010 12:42 am (UTC)
Easily one of my favorite picspams of all time :D Thank you sooo much for compiling all of this and sharing! &hearts &hearts &hearts

Also, reason #1 pretty much fits perfectly with my keywords for this userpic: "James: Everybody Stop: I'm Pretty." XD
goten0040: tad overworkedgoten0040 on June 21st, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
I feel completely worn out after all that. No joke. ROFL

Girl #2 here to chill with you.kathrynew30 on June 21st, 2010 03:09 am (UTC)
This. Like seriously I am adding this to my memories, so I can go back to it all the time.

Thank you so much for reminding me just how boyfriendy these dudes are. (though I suppose I don't need too much reminding, because they do it themselves on a daily basis.) :D But really fantastic and oh so very true.
Austinfiyero3305 on June 21st, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
Dude, I have no idea how I have never seen #1 because, wow. Wow.

Captain Kirby, a.k.a. Aranelle: kogan seal of approval_kirbylicious_ on June 21st, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Oh hey, you are my favourite person ever for this and I love you.

So many things I hadn't seen all in one convenient place! This is so hugely epic KB. &hearts
Kait: koganmadwomanpoems on June 21st, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
10) Logan, when did you start being so precious? Ohhh yeah. Long time ago… I just can’t get over the frequency in which he awkward white boy raps and beat boxes and is ridiculous kinds of cute that make my brain short out. Like… So often. And Kendall, your not awesome dancing will never ever get old. And Logan, you are so ridiculous and awestruck by Kendall in scrubs. Do you know how many costumes go missing from these sets? The answer would be a lot. Like a lot of them.
Katelyn. Oh Katelyn you may be my favorite person ever. And you KNOW. YOU REALLY KNOW And Kendall knows you know and knows about you. And I think Logan is left in the dark for the whole entire thing because he’s Logan and doesn’t really see how freaking obvious he is. And he does not look happy about Kendall hugging Katelyn because Logan is so oblivious like that.

9) First, Oh Carlos. Watching “Wall-E” with Andres and crying and being the perfect little person who I love so so so much and want to bake cookies for. Seriously. I forgot how much I loved that little bit about him. I love that he cried because it was what he worked his whole life for. I love him so much that it’s insane beyond belief.
Also, sometime I need to have an epic discussion about Brit. Because he intrigues me beyond belief.
THEY JUST STARE. THEY JUST STARE AT EACH OTHER LUSTILY. I don’t even know. And then they make each other so comfortable that this is WHY KENDALL GETS THE PART. OH HELL. I DON’T EVEN…
“Seriously, I hate your guts for that.” So cute. Don’t ever change ever.

8) First, this is definitely the most boyfriendy picture ever.
Kendall outs himself almost as much as Carlos. But I have a theory. Kendall simply believes that no one will ever buy it so it’s almost like saying the truth and assuming that everyone thinks it’s a ridiculous lie.
No one buys it sweetie pie. :D
James. Again. Calls Miranda a “Sweetheart” This goes into the file of “things straight boys do not say ever.”
CARLOS DOES NOT LIKE IT AT ALL THAT KENDALL MADE HIS BOY BLEED. On the other hand, Logan loves it that Kendall gets slapped… coughkinkcough
Carlos’ best quality is that he has no filter. Hmm. That’s not like RL or anything, is it Mr. Pena?
I love the names. Seriously. Jessie. Like a girl spells it. No one has those names…

7) James, I love it when you try to keep things on track. Carlos, I also love it when you are goofy and agitate your boyfriend and then comfort him by rubbing his shoulders…
Logan really wants to know Kendall’s ideal summer date. Totally not obvious… He is also slackjawed about the idea of tandem hangliding.
Also, James said that with his first paycheck he wants a Jeep Wrangler. Carlos bought a Jeep… Ehm. To take someone on a date in. (I’m too lazy to find this video. But if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll gladly find it.)
KENDALL. OH MY GOD. What prompts these things to fly out of your mouth? Seriously? You know how it hurts Logan and how James really wants to beat the living tar out of you. And then you laugh at Logan. Because he’s cute when he’s flustered.
(I have this theory that Kendall really does like the idea of boyfriend sharing. Carlos just jokes and flirts but if Kendall got the opportunity he would probably take it and ride it. Uhh. No pun intended.)
Poor Logie. So so flustered. And upset.
And JAMES’ BITCHFACE IS MY FAVORITE. Then he plans a date that Carlos would love. And Carlos stares at him. And they look like they want to screw on the couch because Carlos secretly loves it when James is pissy and bitchfaced and that’s why he flirts with Kendall.
And, yes James, even though you and Carlos are an item, you still have to ask him.
Kait: jarlos forevermadwomanpoems on June 21st, 2010 05:31 am (UTC)
6) OK. First, Carlos is so unbelievably adorable and goofy.
Second. I am torn about this. I am torn about this because Logan and Kendall being obvious make me squee and be so so happy. But the Dustin side of this literally makes my stomach knot and makes me want to cry. Like, Dustin legitimately makes me sad. The whole situation of his emo boy tweets make my heart hurt a little. I’m a crazy person, but whatever. It makes me sad. But I also love from the squeey standpoint of Kogan and Carlos being cute and the obviousness of it all.
Fuck all, this is beautiful. I can’t… God. Maybe it’s because I’ve been teetering around emotionally all day, but god, I actually have tears in my eyes when I listen to this. I can’t help it .

5) Thank god for happy things. This is the happiest thing ever. Halfway there video has so many things that make me happy. So many. Like just the beginning makes me happier than anything when the boys are just being the most adorable boys ever. And Carlos does a spin jump. Have I ever told you about how I want fic where Carlos and James are not established and it’s not easy and they stammer and blush and look at their shoes? Because this makes me want it more. I love it when Carlos bites his lips and looks elsewhere. The fact that the song just makes me think BTR and obvious boyfriends. The part where Kendall is not a very good a very good dancer at all except for the PART WHERE HE GRINDS WITH JAMES.

Carlos is a space cadet through this whole this. He looks super duper distracted? Why would that be? Or should I ask James? Huh? (Also, I’m curious if Carlos was legitimately up for three different characters. Because that would be really interesting…) My boy. Hmm. I’ve heard it said in ways that wasn’t really insanely possessive. This is not one of them. This is a very very possessive way. With a shoulder grab. Oh holy…
James gets bitchy because the smell gets in his hair. Carlos met him back at his place and washed his hair for him. It was a beautiful bonding moment.
“There’s a little relationship problem” PAUSE. Yeah. The fact that people are coupling off like bunnies? Not a problem.

3) So, the first time I saw this video, I spent a solid five minutes just watching them go down that pole. And James… honey, you are way to comfortable. Like. It frightens me. Because Kendall is a sane person and Logan is terrified and Carlos is a five year old but James somehow glides and floats and I don’t even know if he has his hands on the thing for a serious percentage of it.
“We’re used to being close.” Yeah. We know.
Like, Carlos. Out everyone. Just everyone. Katelyn and Erin should be next.
I always think that the K&L thing is some sarcastic answer. But he’s totally being serious. Carlos… I love you. I love your giggle and head shake. Also, Bonnie, I approve of you covering and being an ally to the boys.
“Some type of K” Like a Konas perhaps?
James is wayyyy to excited about the girls. Me thinks that the lady doth protest too much.
The way Logan looks at Kendall when he says “that’s my first love.”
Also, I love all mentions of Carlos being a Broadway baby. And protesting about it. And Kendall teasing and flirting with him. And Carlos being indignant about Broadway.
And Bonnie Hunt totally approving of all of this too.

2) What I love about their celebrity crushes is that those are the four girls (maybe not Emma Watson…) that all straight girls and gay boys have crushes on. It’s strange that this is a very common thing, but it is.
I also love how every answer they say is so damn reflective of their personalities. Like the movies. It’s just… Perfect.
You forgot to mention how (even though someone along the line confused Virgin and Virginia…) JAMES WANTS TO GO TO CARLOS’ PRIVATE ISLAND AND HANG OUT WITH HIM. AND BY HANG OUT, I MEAN HANG ON.
James can’t even remember his dream because he is way too distracted about Carlos’ weird, symbolic dream where they jump into a volcano. With each other…
Also, I love that Carlos was kindof a misfit in highschool. It’s precious and sort of makes sense.

1) All that can be said is said and I don’t even know how this happened but thank GOD.
Amanda: BTR Ant Runawaygorgon_mythos on June 21st, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
OMG I am...I can't even...I'm just flooredamazedflailinggigglingsqueeingsaving and downloading links like WOAH This has to be not only your best picspam but the best in history of any fandom.

My brain is too scattered and happy to coherently reply, but a few things:
♥ Kendall is waiting for a special someone with a "K" name...Logan's original character name was Konas.
♥ Carlos is innocent and shameless in outing himself and James and everyone. It's adorable and so much appreciated :D
♥ I am gonna start making a soundtrack of soundbites
"James is just so pretty"
"I'm just saying it's not driving music"
"We're gonna turn it back on Logan as soon as he gets dressed"
"Ooo Hello male nurse"

& YES we need a whole campaign of WHY??? BECAUSE JAMES IS JUST SO PRETTY!
Gina™: j/c- *gestures*technicallysane on June 21st, 2010 05:40 pm (UTC)
I just cannot even right now. Can I submit my theory that these boys don't actually exist? That this is some sort of government plot for something or other to just... I DON'T EVEN KNOW, TO ENSLABE OUR MINDS? Because seriously, BOYS THIS PERFECT SHOULD NOT EXIST. IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. THEY HAVE TO BEEN IN OUR HEADS OR SOMETHING.

Right so anyway.

Because James is just so prety IS our slogan I WROTE LOGAN and there needs to be so many icons and stuff out there and if I didn't lack Photoshop I'd get right on that. James and Carlos are the most boyfriendy of all boyfriends, IRL and on show. I can't handle how boyfriendy they are. It's like they don't even realize it. I went into this show loving Kogan but good grief. Could they be more obvious. Ever.

Oh, wait, right, the volcano dream. You know, if that wasn't symbolic, it was probably his brain telling him "let's go do that shit again, y/y?" Because really. BOYFRIENDS.

...ahah I pictured Katelyn saying that, only reminding Kendall that HE already has a boyfriend. WHOO. Freud would have a field day with this show in general.

Finally, Logan's "IS THIS NEW JERSEY OR NEW ZEALAND?!" had me in a fit of HYSTERICS. Yes, Logan, we New Jerseyeans have ridiculous big ants, but you know what? If they make James tackle Carlos to the floor to have his way with him then I will throw out every bottle of Raid in this house. -nods-

I love you for this. This is incredible and so boyfriendy and I can't handle these boys. ♥
what's her face: disney: Selena winnnnssspectgem on June 22nd, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
This picspam MADE MY NIGHT, and I have a feeling I'm going to be coming back to this from time to time, especially when I need a sparkly-adorable!boys-pick-me-up. Seriously, I was giggling like a crazy person and re-watching these vids and seeing a couple that I had never even seen before and your commentary was absolutely PERFECT, hilarious and so dead-on. There are SO many things you said that literally made me laugh out loud, and smile and just GAH I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

ALSO. ALSO. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!
her name was lady liln: BTR - <3ladililn on June 22nd, 2010 03:09 am (UTC)
BWAHAHAHA, I love how the still pic for the Young Hollywood interview of Kendall with his arm around Logan and Logan totally leaning into it. Although judging from the Bonnie Hunt interview, apparently EVERYONE's favorite thing to do is to put their arms around Logan. He's just so cuddle-able!

♥ to yoooooooooooooou
stoodupforlove: gaspstoodupforlove on June 22nd, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
What an incredibly fun way to spend an evening. You are a gem for putting these all together for us. I've seen most of these before, but seeing them again makes everything hit home. Thank you for this, I love watching these so much.
(Anonymous) on June 23rd, 2010 07:17 pm (UTC)
It took me two days to read this and watch all the videos and collect myself enough to coherently comment. I want to say something about each number in particular, but I'd pretty much be repeating everything you said above. I just- it absolutely floors me what obvious boyfriends they all are. Especially when the evidence is compiled here. It's like a brick wall of truth. Boyfriendy truth.

James is just. so. pretty.
Haileyjesterdala on June 23rd, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
Ugh. LJ. Why do you do this to me?

I claim the above comment as mine.
hardysmidgen: Mind Blowing by rixielhardysmidgen on July 29th, 2010 10:42 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for compiling these absolute treasures. :) And "sparklesexuality is my fandom minor" may be the best tag ever.

The only thing that makes this even better is that the epic moments haven't stopped...they just keep pouring in. What's more, epic moments for the non-standard boyfriend formation pairs have started pouring in lately. 7 Secrets alone had enough amazingly epic boy moments that we could make up a list of amendments. XD

I actually had a different intereptation for the weirdness going on in the ideal summer date video, mainly because I've really been noticing the increasing presence of moments between James and Logan. Subtle and not so subtle moments, but also incredibly epic.
♚ you've got dirt on your nose.: it's king actually | cngrayx3eyedsoul on August 9th, 2010 10:58 pm (UTC)
You know, I never actually thought of the boys as sparkly before, even though their chemistry on the show was just in your face ...but I think you converted me.

These two parts were amazing. I just. I can't even.
Bleep blap bloop.
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